Yangtze Cruise Tour from Beijing – All China Essence in One Go

For Yangtze cruisers, Winter is the time to appreciate red leaves with much cheaper price to enjoy the same excursions and activities. Also as the starting city for most first-time travelers, Beijing connects many other cities conveniently, including Xian, Shanghai, Chengdu, Chongqing, etc. Together with Beijing Tour and other destinations, your Yangtze Cruise Tour from Beijing can be colorful and meaningful by experience all China essence in one time.

Recommended top Tours of Yangtze Cruise Tour from Beijing:

Cities you’ll encounter along the way by different tours’ itineraries:

Beijing: the capital city with great historical sites and profound culture, including Great Wall, Temple of Heaven, Forbidden City and more, suitable for any time visit.Temple of Heaven

Xian: an ancient capital city for various dynasties and famous for the mausoleum of the first Qin emperor with spectacular Terracotta Warriors.Terracotta warriors

Guilin/Yangshuo: a picturesque nature of karst landform. Li River Cruise is the most highlight with breathtaking sceneries along the way. Meanwhile, a casual & peaceful time is waiting for you in Yangshuo Town.Li River

Chongqing: a port city in the upstream of Yangtze River and now is known for the starting city for Yangtze River Cruise Tour.chongqing chaotianmen port

Chengdu: the land of abundance and hometown of panda. Marked with leisure, Chengdu enjoys spicy food and rich tourists resources surrounded.Giant Panda

Shanghai: a metropolis city with towering buildings and a perfect place to experience Chinese prosperity and mixed international culture.shanghai bund

With more to experience, check more cruise details or contact our experts to customize Yangtze Cruise Tours for you.

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