Yangtze River Cruise in Autumn: Experience the Spectacular Red Autumn Leaves

Three Gorges are one of the top 10 scenic spots in China. With its west from White Emperor City, ending at Nanjinguan in Yichang City to its east, Three Gorges includes Qutang Gorge, Wu Gorge and Xiling Gorge, and has a total length of 193km. Qutang Gorge is famous for its majesty; Wu Gorge is reputed for its beauty; Xiling Gorge is renowned for its dangerous landscape. If you come to Three Gorges in autumn or early winter, you will have the chance to witness the most stunning red autumn leaves in China.

The red autumn leaves area spreads all over the Three Gorges area. As the heartland of Three Gorges, Wu Gorge is the best place to view the red autumn leaves along Yangtze River. Over 10,000 mu red autumn leaves will reveal themselves along the river sides in deep autumn and early winter, mountains and forests are reddened. Walk into Wushan Gorge at this time, you will feel as you are unfolding a magnificent red leaves scroll.

Over 200 plants will turn to red in autumn in Three Gorges. Due to different species and different altitude of the plants, the plants in Three Gorges will turn to red one by one. Thus, in autumn, you will view a colorful scene; while in early winter, the whole mountain will become dark red.
Red Autumn Leaves in Three Gorges
Red Autumn Leaves in Three Gorges

If you take a Yangtze River Cruise, there are two locations with the best view of the red autumn leaves.
Shennv Peak is located at the north side of Wu Gorge. Its altitude is around 1,000m. You can appreciate the red autumn leaves on the cruise ship deck, or you can climb on the Shennv Peak to overlook the scenery. There are several observation decks and pavilions on the way to the peak, and after you climb on the peak, you can enjoy the red leaves all over the mountains.
Shennv Peak Red Leaves
Another place is the Lesser Three Gorges. Located at Wu Gorge, the Lesser Three Gorges refer to Longmen Gorge, Bawu Gorge and Dicui Gorge. Among the three gorges, Bawu Gorge has the most concentrated red autumn leaves. You can take a small boat to tour the Lesser Three Gorges, and if time permits, you can board at Bawu Gorge and climb on the mountain to observe the red leaves.
The Lesser Three Gorges Red Leaves
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