Shibaozhai replaces Fengdu Ghost City in 2015 Victoria Cruises Excursion

In 2015, there are some changes about Yangtze Cruise Ships, like the cruise excursion itineraries. For Victoria Cruises, Shibaozhai Pagoda will replace Fengdu Ghost City in 2015 Victoria Cruises Excursion between Chongqing and Yichang, which includes the cruise ships of Victoria Jenna, Victoria Grace, Victoria Selina, Victoria Katarina, Victoria Lianna and Victoria Anna. And Fengdu Ghost City will become the optional land tour for Yangtze Tourists to choose when sailing from Chongqing to Yichang Downstream.

You may ask why to make this arrangement and what’s the worth to see in Shibaozhai Pagoda. Here we’ll get into the best sides of Shibaozhai and unlock its beauty together.

Shibaozhai Pagoda known as the pearl of Yangtze River, was built in Ming Dynasty and reconstructed in Qin Dynasty. With a TianZi Palace in the top, this 12-layer building represented the royal power in ancient times. Lean into the mountain, this 56 height wooden building without any nail to connect with, is an impressive architecture and rare to see. Therefore, it was listed as the one of eight peculiar buildings in the world.shibaozhai

While for those who are interested in the Chinese Ghost Story, Fengdu Ghost City is still open for you to visit optionally. With 280 RMB per person, Fengdu Ghost City represents you with kinds of cruel underworld punishments for afterlife of bad people by different vivid statues and “shocking” scenes, to show the Chinese retribution for sin.fengdu-ghost-city

More arranged excursions and optional tours, please find the detailed Victoria Cruise ships itinerary before you go.

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