Wulong Karst-another “Zhangjiajie” with different nature

In China, people are willing to take full advantage of the natural resource for good use, like movie shooting. Some foreign tourists have known about Zhangjiajie because of Avatar. Similarly, Wulong Karst is becoming well-known for the Transformers 4, on the scene where Optimus shows his leadership by training Grimlock and become a dragon knight. So why Wulong has been luckly chose? What’s the attraction of it?wulong-tiankeng

With the typical karst topography, Wulong tourist area in Chongqing, the world natural heritage site, is extremely rich in tourism resources, both with magnificent Natural Three Bridges group and boasts unbelievable cave wonders as well, which made it standing out and become an important shooting scene. Featuring the beautiful nature sceneries, the Fairy Mountains National Forest Park in Wulong is also a highlight.

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Natural Three Bridges: Tianlong Bridge, Qinglong Bridge and Heilong Bridge. All are stone bridges. natural-three-bridges

Fairy Mountains National Forest Park: Known for the forest, peaks, meadow and snowfield.wulong-fairy-grassland

If you come to Chongqing for Yangtze River Cruise or just finish your Yangtze Cruise tour in Chongqing, don’t forget the visit Wulong with 2 hours driving in one go.





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