Top 4 Destinations for China Cruise Tour

Cruise Tour can be made not easily only rely on water, but also should take scenery into account. For China Cruise Tour, tourists always can feast their eyes with breathtaking nature and enjoy unique experience on board. With different views and ways of cruising, there are top 4 destinations for your ideal China Cruise Tour.

No.1: Yangtze River Cruise

As the longest river in China, Yangtze River is the cradle of Chinese civilization. Carrying much culture and history, it also owns fabulous sceneries, especially the section in Yichang city, where the great Three Gorges Dam located. Today, Yangtze Cruise Tour is becoming a top way to appreciate Chinese nature landscape.yangtze-river-cruise

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No.2: Li River Cruise

It’s said that Guilin’s scenery is peerless in the world, which is proved by Bill Clinton. If you have doubt about the truth, you should visit by yourself. As the most highlight of Guilin, Li River Cruise is the best arrangement to sightseeing the picturesque Karst landform. At the same time, you can appreciate the finest water and mountain under heaven. All can be seen at 3 Days Classic Guilin & Li River Cruise Tour.The-Li-River

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No.3: Water Town Boating

Water Town mostly gathers in South of China, like nearby Shanghai and Huangzhou. Local residents built their houses alongside the river for long time. They feel asleep with gurgling water and weak up with a creaking sound from the boat flickering in the wind. Each day they live in the land of idyllic beauty. Fortunately, those picturesque water towns with best preserved opening to tourists nowadays and finally this peaceful landscape can be shared to outside.

Zhujiajiao Water TownZhujiajiao-Water-Town-in-Shanghai

Fengjing Water Townfengjing-water-town

Wuzhen Water Townhangzhou-wuzhen-water-town

No.4: West Lake Rafting (Hangzhou Tour)

West Lake as the landmark of Hangzhou, is listed in the China National Geographic Magazine.  With a romantic myth, it’s perfect for couples and family visit. Here you can rant a small boat and rafting with privacy to appreciate different angles of lake. If it happens to be a nice day, your west lake rafting can be more delightful. Check 3 Days Hangzhou Nature and Culture Tour to meet this ideal destination.hangzhou-west-lake

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