Golden Season to View Maple Leaves on Yangtze River 2012

From October to December 2012, this is the golden season to view maple leaves on Yangtze River. Its shinning beauties have kept attracting the eye sights from every corner of the world.

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The best time to see the Maple Leaves is coming. It is said that the Sixth Wushan International Red Leaf Festival will be held in Nov. 26 to Dec. 29, 2012. During the festival, lots of colorful activities will take place in Yangtze Three Gorges, Wu Mountain, Lesser Three Gorges, Dachang Town and Goddess Peak. Moreover, this International Red leaf Festival has arranged more than 16 large-scale events to satisfy the visitors from all over the world. All of these activities are a collection of Chinese Yangtze Culture & Customs. Visitors would witness the rich local culture while appreciating the fantastic red leaves along Yangtze River.

Wushan Red Leaves

Autumn & Winter might be considered a good season to visit Yangtze River despite the cold weather. What’s more, in winter, prices for Yangtze River cruises are competitive, many cruise companies offer great discount which are much lower than in High season. There are best-value cruises and top 5 budget cruises that you could have wild range of choices. Many Yangtze Cruises would arrange shore excursion to Lesser Three Gorges, Shennong Stream, and Tribe of the Three Gorges with scenic sightseeing in Three Gorges & Wu Mountain. You could view the gorgeous maple leaves in all of these great sites during the Golden Season.

Magnificent Red Leaves Scenery in Three Gorges

On board, you are greeted with an abundance of space with room to relax, fresh air to breathe and all the comforts of  luxury cruise – one that is designed to blend seamlessly with the spectacular panorama of ever-changing views. That’s what Yangtze will bring to you. That’s why cruise in Autumn & Winter.

Unique Experience on Yangtze Cruise

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