Extreme Cuisine: Incredible Food on Yangtze Cruises

Imagine you are sitting in a la carte restaurant, enjoying the authentic Chinese and western dishes, while appreciating the golden sunset glow through the glass window and appreciating the charming three gorges scenery, how beautiful life isn’t it?

Yangtze Cruise Dining Hall

On a Yangtze River Cruise, visitors could enjoy more than three series of Chinese food and Cuisine, such as Sichuan Cuisine, Hunan Cuisine, Hubei Cuisine which are with unique favors and specialties. Dining services are varied in different cruise, depending on which the chief chefs onboard are mastered.

Western buffet on Yangtze

Below is the table that shows the meals on different cruise ships:

Cruise Ships Breakfast Lunch Dinner   Special
Victoria Cruises Chinese&Western Buffet Chinese&Western Buffet Chinese&Western Buffet Favored by most western country guests, famous chef Walt Steiner designed the menu
Century Cruises Chinese&Western Buffet Chinese&Western Buffet Chinese Dishes Variety of food, favored by guests around the world
President Cruises Chinese&Western Buffet Chinese Dishes Chinese Dishes With Chuan & Hubei Cuisine, enjoy the local specials
OTC Victoria Cruise (3-Day Cruises) Chinese&Western Buffet Chinese&Western Buffet Chinese Dishes Classical dishes cater for all kind of eaters.

Some notes for dining on Yangtze Cruise:

  1. You will be informed of the exact dining time by broadcast. Usually, meals are arranged at fixed time. Breakfast is usually a buffet meal at 07:00 – 09:00 (about 1 – 2 hours), lunch time is about 12:00 A.M and dinner is usually a table arrangement in Chinese style at 19:00 PM. (about 1 hour).
  2. When dining onboard, guests are normally arranged with ten persons as a group based on nationalities, diet habits, religious and cultural background.
  3. Special Catering: Most ships can accommodate vegetarian, salt-free, low-carbohydrate, Kosher, or other diet preferences; however, this request must be made in advance, so do be sure to inform your travel consultant of this requirement when you book the cruise, at least a day or half day early.
  4. Ships rated three-stars and up offer free and limited quantity drinks like tea or beer, and for more, you need to pay the extra fees. There is water purification and sterilization facilities onboard ship that offer clean tap water, but you’d better not drink it. You can buy pure water when your ship docks on every port of call. Besides, there are generally two bottles of water to be offered for every one per day.

Yangtze Specials

Dining Service Onboard

Captain’s Welcome & Farewell Party

On the first day of your cruise trip, the captain and crew will welcome guests with an evening party. The captain will deliver a brief speech and have a toast. To his hospitality, he will toast to every guest. You might be according to Chinese toast style that you have to finish your glass, which means to display your cheer and gratitude. Variety drinks and food will be provided that you could not only enjoy the superb dinner but could appreciate folk dances and traditional music.

Captain's Welcome Party

To say goodbye to the guests both home and abroad, a farewell party will be held. This is also a special way to say thank you for taking a Yangtze Cruise and memorizing the beautiful days spending together. Note: Fees are including in your Cruise tour.

Bar onboard

Yangtze Club

Bars in cruises are 24-hour opening. Different wines and drinks are offered in the bar, such as beer, red wine, brandy, cocktails, Whisky, Champagne, soft drinks, coffee, and tea etc. Want a beer here? Note: Fees are not including in your cruise tour.

Drinks on Yangtze Cruise

Room Service for Meals

If you need room service for meals, you should tell the staff on the front desk and make a reservation for pre-arrangement. Note: Fees are not including in your cruise tour.

Moreover, if you want to have midnight snacks, you should go and tell the front desk at least 2 hours in advance. The crews are ready to serve you at any time, just enjoy your nightlife onboard.


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