Century Paragon: 10-day Chongqing Shanghai Yangtze Cruise

From Nov.4 to Nov.13, Century Paragon will have a special route of 10 days & 9 nights downstream cruise from Chongqing to Shanghai. If you want to experience Chongqing, Yichang, Wuhan, Nanjing and Shanghai in one go, this is the great opportunity. With Yangtze River Cruise, many historical land tours provided. Price only from $1275!

10 days & 9 nights Chongqing Shanghai Downstream Cruise

Click the link above to get day by day itineraries and below listed some land tours for preview.

Shibao Pagoda: it has 12-story with 56 meters high. Without any nail, this 18th century temple is built-in the hill behind and owned the fame of one of the eight most oddity designed structures.Shibao Pagoda

Three Gorges Dam: Needless to say, it’s the biggest dam in the world. Travelers can have a bird view of dam at Tanziling, the highest observation point.

Chibi Ancient Battle Field: date back to 1,700 years ago of Three Kingdoms period, here had a big fire fight between Zhouyu, Lioubei and Caocao. Zhouyu and Lioubei won this battle. After a Celebration, Zhouyu Carved the letter”Chibi” in the wall with his sword.Chibi Ancient Battle Field

Jingdezhen: located in northeastern Jiangxi Province, it is the capital of China Porcelain. The Jingdezhen Old Street in the downtown and Ceramic History Museum in the suburb both have rich porcelain collections.

Mt.Jiuhuashan: known as international Buddhist temple, also called Mountain of Nine Lotuses. During this 5-hour excursion, you will see Longevity Palace, Fresh Palace and the Tiantai Tample in the top of mountain.Mt.Jiuhuashan

By the way, Century Paragon Chongqing=Yichang Yangtze Cruise are always open for you to book!

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