Yangtze River Cruises 2014 for Spring break

Spring is a word featuring beginning of year and nature, also a fresh start of our life, so why not make an excursion with our Yangtze cruises to indulge in the crystal water and clear sky.

With beautiful sceneries and scenic spots along your Yangtze River Cruises, in this season, more surprises are yet to come.

Yangtze River Cruises

(1) Best-value Yangtze Cruises 2014

Want to enjoy the beauty and save money, now is your chance. When to choose our Top 5 best valuable cruises you will get luxury cruising experience with delightful river sceneries only from $399. These cruises include Victoria Jenna, Victoria Sophia, Century Sun, etc.

(2) Hot Cruises with reasonable price

  • Chongqing Wuhan Yangtze Cruises:

Century Diamond – the ONLY cruise sailing directly between Chongqing and Wuhan in 2014, with best price from $668-$839.

  • Chongqing Shanghai Yangtze Cruises:

Victoria Sophia – the ONLY cruise sailing between Chongqing and Shanghai, stop over Wuhan, where you can embark or disembark. Check your time with Victoria Sophia now from only $910.

For detailed Yangtze Cruise Routes of above and beyond, visit our Cruise ships which tell all you want to know.

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