Explore Yangtze River with Yangtze Explorer

Sailing between Chongqing and Yichang of mighty Yangtze River, Yangtze Explorer is your top choice for its large space and international standards of service.

Yangtze explorer

As the ONLY super 5-star ship on the Yangtze River, Yangtze Explorer also called Yangzi Explorer carries 124 passengers at most, with the largest private space and outstanding 1-on-1 VIP services onboard, while most other cruise may serve over 300 guests. So you can imagine how spacious you can enjoy with your intimates.

Yangtze explorer sun deck

Yangtze Explorer affords 38 deluxe cabins, 20 suites and another 4 amazing special suites in exceptional sizes, what’s more, each cabin and suite has a viewing balcony for tourists to enjoy the panoramic views with changeable enthralling scenery of Yangtze.

Yangtze explorer suite

Now in 2014, the 4-day downstream and 5-day upstream Yangtze Explorer are waiting for you, with price from $940. In this whole journey you not only can witness Three Gorges Dam, Three Gorges, but also famous Fengdu, shibao Pagoda, Shennong/Shennv Stream.

Blow are 2 tours selected for you:

4 days Chongqing-Yichang Essence Tour

5 days Yichang-Chongqing Yangtze Tour

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