Top 7 Yangtze River Cruises for your 2013 Spring Break

Have you got any spring break ideas? What do you want to do for spring break 2013? Where is your ideal destination? In China, one of the hottest spring break destinations is Yangtze River, the longest and most dynamic river in China.

In 2013 spring, the Yangtze River Valley – heart of China – will show you the world’s most spectacular scenery – misty mountains, ancient gorges, bamboo groves and narrow passageways. If you want to see the river as it has been hundreds of years, you need to head to China in this beautiful season. The best way to feast your eyes is taking a Yangtze River cruise between Chongqing and Yichang/Shanghai.

Here are the top 7 spring break Yangtze cruise ships list, you could check it out below.

Top 1: Century Paragon (5-star): price from $554

  1. Top deluxe & the newest ship of Century Cruises
  2. Adopt “Green Environment, Low Emission and Sustainability” to design
  3. 7-story Grand Atrium Lobby providing views of the surrounding Yangtze scenery
  4. Public area and sightseeing elevators extend to the B1 deck

Top 2: Yangtze Gold 1 (5-star): price from $452

  1. Besides Yangtze Gold 1, as well as other six Gold cruises, sailing their first voyage since 2011. Yangtze Gold Cruises is the newest & best Yangtze River Fleet at present
  2. Designed to ocean cruise standard and built with the most advanced passenger features
  3. Equipped with the unique facilities onboard, such as Pedestrian Street, helipad, mini golf courses, open-air surfing swimming pool, children’s playground, billiards etc

Yangtze Gold 1 Cruise Ship 2013

Top 3: Victoria Jenna (5-star): price from $419

  1. Ranks as the No.1 of the Victoria Cruises
  2. The largest cruise Victoria Cruise ship
  3. All cabins with private balconies and private bathrooms with bathtubs and showers
  4. Very cost-effective price, it is an affordable cruise

Top 4: Century Sun (5-star): price from $495

  1. Used to be hired by the Viking Cruise
  2. Popular for its service and facilities which ranks top among all Yangtze Cruises
  3. Designed in European style, all cabins with private balconies

Top 5: President Prime (5-star): price from $449

  1. Made her maiden voyage since 2011, it is one of the newest ships of Yangtze Cruises
  2. The milestone of super 5 star cruise ship and get a household name for any cruise around the world
  3. More than reasonable price
  4. Featuring in the combination of classic European style and deluxe modern comforts

President Prime Cruise Ship

Top 6: Victoria Sophia (5-star): price from $398

  1. It is the only cruise sailing between Chongqing and Shanghai, offering the most relaxing cruise experience
  2. In 2013, sailing not only between Chongqing and Shanghai, but between Chongqing and Yichang. Cruisers could check its 2013 cruise calendar

Top 7: Yangtze Explorer (super 5-star): price from $950

  1. 2013 early-bird special promotion – 10 % off if you book before Feb.28, 2013
  2. Most luxury, the only super 5-star ship on the Yangtze River
  3. One-on-one VIP services, offering international standards of service and luxury cruise experience
  4. Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Henry Kissinger have cruised this ship before

These spring break cruises are here ready to serve you. Have you made up your mind to cruise any of them? If not yet, please hurry up for the landscape belongs to the man who looks at it.

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