Top Reasons to Cruise on Century Paragon & Century Legend 2013

You may already be sold on the idea of coming to Yangtze. Or you may be considering again and again which ship to cruise on. In 2013, Century Paragon and Century Legend definitely should be your first choice.

They have something for everyone, no matter what your interests are. From the more than reasonable price to the entirely new river cruising experiences, Century Paragon and Century Legend are the perfect recipes for a great getaway. What’s more, cruising with Paragon & Legend, you are sure to meet the highest standards of comfort and style and enjoy the most inspiring Yangtze journey.

With so much to do, it is hard to narrow down the long list of reasons to cruise on Century Paragon and Century Legend in 2013, but below you’ll find the top 5.

Top 1: All brand-new ships

The five-star-rated Century Paragon and Century Legend are two newly built Century Cruises in 2013. On Mar. 19, 2013, Century Paragon will make its first voyage from Chongqing to Yichang. And in this May, Century Legend will also start its maiden voyage on Yangtze.

Top 2: Affordable price

Compared with the traditional Yangtze Cruises, the price of Century Paragon and Century Legend are a little bit expensive but affordable. You could cruise on the top luxury river cruise from $554 – $716.

Presidential Suite on Paragon & Legend

Top 3: An entirely new cruising experience on the Yangtze

The ship are being designed by Norwegian architects Yran & Storbraaton, known for working with Seabourn, and construction is being overseen by German shipbuilders Schiffstechnik Buchloh who specialize in sophisticated marine architecture. The many defining features of Paragon & Legend include:

  1. Larger Cabins: There are 160 outside-facing staterooms on decks two, three and four that measure 301 square feet each. Additionally, there are 34 executive suites on decks five and six, measuring 414 square feet each, and two presidential suites on deck three, at 1,141 square feet each;
  2. Two Restaurants: the 400-passenger main restaurant at the front of deck two and the 3,530-square-foot Executive Club Restaurant on deck six.
  3. Two Bars: the Observation Bar at the front of deck five and the Sun Deck Bar on deck six;
  4. Cinema: the 150-passenger movie theater, located on the first level. The theater will be outfitted with a multilingual translation device;
  5. Indoor Swimming Pool: the 2,153-square-foot indoor pool and leisure area include a lap pool, pool bar, relaxation area and changing rooms with showers;
  6. 388-square-foot gym (on deck six), spa & massage facilities (on deck one), children’s playground & reading room (on deck 6), game room (on deck five) and four card rooms (on deck one);
  7. Wi-Fi access to public spaces, 24-hour laundry service;
  8. Onboard activities include: lectures highlights, traditional performances, cooking demonstrations and fitness classes;
  9. Shore excursions include: Shibaozhai Temple, White Emperor City, Lesser Three Gorges, Shennong Stream, Three Gorges, Three Gorges Dam Site, etc.

Indoor Swimming Pool on Century Paragon

Top 4: Going green

A defining feature of Century Paragon and Century Legend will be the builders’ efforts to make the ships more ecofriendly. They have incorporated what they call an e-propulsion system and a rudder propeller system, which are meant to reduce emissions. The vessels will also be “no-paint” ships, with the company planning on using high-tech compound marine boards for decoration and furnishings. The automated engine room has been designed to reduce vibration and noise while increasing maneuverability.

Top 5: Extraordinary service

As you embark your contemporary, elegant ship, a friendly English-speaking crew will welcome you aboard. From this moment to the end of your cruising, you’ll enjoy the most personalized service.

Many of you have already done a river cruise in Europe. Compared with those in Europe, the huge difference, of course, is the size of Paragon and Legend allowing for larger public spaces and additional amenities. Paragon and Legend are in part an effort to bring the level of quality and service up to, and perhaps beyond, what passengers have come to expect on the rivers in Europe.

So, what are you in the mood for cruising on Century Paragon and Century Legend? Come aboard now and share your top reasons with us.

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