Shennong Stream & Shennv Stream-Hidden Gams along Yangtze River

Thanks to the world largest Three Gorges Dam, Yangtze River is known to public. But there are some hidden treasures willing to welcome tourists and explore inside- Shennong Stream & Shennv Stream.

Located in Badong County, Hubei Province, Shennong Stream is a tributary of Yangtze River between Wu Gorge and Xiling Gorge. With a distance of 60 km, Shennong Stream is just like a dragon meandering through the forests rushing southward between mountains and cliffs. Therefore, it fascinates the tourists with its special virtue of serenity, uniqueness, primitiveness and wilderness.shennong stream

Shennv Stream is the opposite of Three Gorges, also called Goddess Stream. With 30 km length, it has many stunning natural sceneries, like thousands feet of cliffs hanging on the sky; hundreds meters of blue peaks green the water; group rocks block out the sun and Yixiantian (a slight line opened between the heaven), etc.Shennv Stream

Apart from the natural stream view what else you can experience:

Stream Drifting
The drifting can be a high feature in Shennong Stream, no one visit here without trying it. Sitting in a small peapod boat with about 10 people and crossing on the clear water, you will feel a primitive charm. Without engine driven, this small boat moves on only by hand, attracting many tourists to join in. Sometimes if you have a good ear, you may hear birds twitting, making a more quietness.

Naked Trackers
The naked trackers were a cultural living fossil in 1990s, when this unique view became the famous “scenery” at home and abroad. Sadly, after the Three Gorges reservoir, gradually they were disappeared in public. Now if you visit there, the locals will show you a little bit, but not naked of course.  shennong-stream2

Suspending Coffins
It’s said that this kind of funeral was quite famous among nobility in ancient times, and people believed some kinds of religions, therefore the suspending coffins came out. How these coffins were suspended is still a mystery. Maybe you can find the answer in the site.

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