How to make comprehensive Shanghai Tours before Yangtze Cruise

There is no doubt that Shanghai is one of the ideal cities to begin with your Yangtze River Cruise. While how to make your shanghai tour before or after cruising is more matter for your impression of this metropolis, if you have spare several days off. Since Yangtze Cruise Itineraries are quite fixed, so now let’s find out how to deal with your spare days.the Bund of Shanghai

Plan A: Stay in Shanghai & tour around

Shanghai with a mixed culture of west and east, never makes you boring, if you can find the top attractions here, like visit Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center to know this city’s past and future, appreciate the 400-year-old Yu Garden with traditional Chinese features and walk around the Bund if you are the first time visitor. Check more details about this 3-day Shanghai Tour.

Plan B: Surrounding trip from Shanghai by high speed train

Hangzhou & Suzhou, two cities nearby Shanghai are less familiar than Shanghai, but for Shanghai locals and Chinese people, these cities are like heaven on the earth. The West Lake of Hangzhou and picturesque Lingering Garden of Suzhou are the most treasures here. Without modern towering symbols, you can find more exquisite architectures and leisure life by cycling around.

Recommended Tours included Hangzhou & Suzhou:

west lake of hangzhou

For reference:

  • Shanghai Hangzhou G-Train: G7305 (dep. 09:00 – arr. 09:51, about 1 hour);
  • Shanghai Suzhou D-Trains: D3022/D3023 (dep. 08:44 – arr. 09:15, about 0.5 hour).

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