Top Seven Reasons to Take a Cruise on Yangtze River

I always think that Yangtze river cruise is a best way to experience China’s stunning landscapes, dynamic culture and exceptional architecture. Besides the beauty itself, Today I conclude top seven reasons why taking a cruise on Yangtze River. May this could do a little help for you before making a decision. Check them out now and find your own reasons.

Reason 1: Enjoy Great Discount in Special Seasons

Every year, there are at least two kinds of special offers: Summer Offer & Winter Offer, saving you much more money to enjoy the same high quality service and sightseeing along Yangtze River.

Good News: during 2013-2014 Winter, from Nov.1, 2013 to Feb.28, 2014, you could book Victoria Cruises at the lowest price from $352-$408; and book Century Cruises (Century Emerald, Century Diamond, Century Sun) from Dec.1, 2013 to Feb.28, 2014, cost just around $436.

Enjoy the Sunset Scenery on Century Paragon

Reason 2: Relaxed Ways to Enjoy Scenery

Yangtze Cruise has Indoor Viewing Hall and the whole floor Viewing Deck for tourists to use. The Observation deck, front and rear leisure deck on the top are equipped with beach chairs or cafe bar, give you 360 degrees to enjoy the beautiful Three Gorges.

Century Cruise on Yangtze

Reason 3: Comfort and Safety Guest Room

Standard room with twin beds is well equipped with Picture Window or Private Balcony, Central Air-conditioning, 24 hours hot water, satellite TV, Phone, Small Refrigerator, bar etc.

A Yangtze cruiser commented on tripadvisor “Our room was spacious with a balcony, fridge, television and en suite bathroom. The beds were very comfortable and not at all hard like most beds in china! Room service was excellent, with our beds being made and towels changed once or sometimes even twice a day! We joked that the staff must be hiding under the bed because as soon as we left the room they came in and started cleaning!!!”

Accommodation on Century Dimond

Reason 4: Thoughtful Star Level Service

All the crew on the cruise is professional service staff trained by Hotel Management Training Center, ready to help you in 24 hours with smile.

A Yangtze cruiser commented on tripadvisor “The staff were excellent! They spoke really good English so we never had a problem. The tour guides on each of the tours also spoke great English and provided us with lots of information about the different sites. We didn’t go on any of the optional tours, just the ones that were included- Ghost City, Lesser 3 Gorges and 3 Gorges Dam. All the tours we thoroughly enjoyed and were well timed with the other activities that took place throughout the day! There was never time to get bored on the boat, as the staff organised a presentation about the Yangtze River for us and also a presentation and demonstration on acupuncture from the Doctor on board. Both were very informative. The staff also performed a show for us in the evenings which was amazing! It was so professional and was actually much better than one we paid to go to in a theatre in Guilin! I was very impressed!”

Century Cruises 2014

Reason 5: Cate Tour

The rich Chinese & Western breakfast buffet and marvelous Sichuan cuisines, as well as the unique Yangtze aquatic products, will please your appetite. Personal appetite is respected here too!

A Yangtze cruiser commented on tripadvisor “The food was great! We had a buffet for each mealtime which was a mixture of Chinese and Western dishes. There was so much to choose from you could pick hot or cold or both. There was different foods each day, so it didn’t get repetitive, though we were only on the short 3.5 day cruise so I’m not sure if this is the case for longer cruises.”

Meals on Victoia Lianna

Reason 6: Strong Local Characteristic Onshore Sightseeing

All the attractions included in the package have strong local characteristics. Three Gorges Dam, Fengdu Ghost Town, Shibaozhai Pagoda, Shennong Stream or Lesser Three Gorges are the must see attractions.

A Yangtze cruiser commented on tripadvisor “The highlight for us was going through the 5 stage lock system which took 2 hours. It started at 9.30pm for us on the last night and I would highly recommend staying up for it! It is so interesting, if not a bit surreal! ”

Shennong Stream Drift Experience

Reason 7: Rich and Colorful Recreational Activities

The cultural and recreational activities on the cruise, the Cultural Lecture, Dancing & Sing Performance, Taiji Exercise, Mahjong Competition etc., will highlight your stay on Yangtze cruise.

Evening Entertainment on Victoria Sophia

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