Yangtze Gold Cruises 2013: Top Luxury River Cruises in the World

Hello travel lovers! Want to explore the beauty of Yangtze in an elegant way? Want to have an indescribable feeling that you wake up to a Yangtze Gorge sunrise, with morning rays casting shadows over the ancient cliffs?

Yangtze Gorge sunrise

If your answer is yes, Yangtze Gold Cruises will definitely bring you the ultimate Yangtze River experience. It is the newest and best cruise line sailing the Yangtze River. With unmatched comfort and the most personalized service, Yangtze Gold Cruises is featured the most luxurious river cruises in the world.

With Yangtze Gold 1 beginning her maiden voyage in May 2011, other Yangtze Gold Cruises (Yangtze Gold 2, Yangtze Gold 3, Yangtze Gold 5, Yangtze Gold 6, Yangtze Gold 7 and Yangtze Gold 8) successively launched before October 2012.

Yangtze Gold Cruise

Here, we have collected all the detailed info to show you the “the Only”, “the Most” and “the Highlights” of Yangtze Gold Cruises. Hope this could help you get a full understanding of the top luxurious fleet in the world.

“The Only” of Yangtze Gold Cruises:

Yangtze Gold Cruises is the only fleet on the Yangtze River built with the most advanced passenger features from international shipbuilders and designed to ocean cruise standards:

  • a pedestrian street
  • an operating “Zhongfu Online” lottery
  • a double layer theater and conference Hall, with an interpretation system
  • landing pad for helicopters
  • hydraulic pressure sunshades

Pedestrian Street on Yangtze Gold Cruises

“The Most” of Yangtze Gold Cruises:

The fleet has the biggest, most modern cruise ships of the world’s inland river cruises.

  • the widest public area
  • the most sophisticated facilities
  • the most sightseeing elevators
  • the most spacious standard cabins
  • the quietest ride

Golf Playground on Yangtze Gold Cruises

“The Highlights” of Yangtze Gold Cruises:

1. All the guest cabins on Yangtze Gold Cruises are equipped with the best five-star hotel facilities.

  • daily fresh bedding and bathroom accessories
  • direct-drinking water systems
  • a sightseeing balcony for the tourists to appreciate the marvelous scenery of the Yangtze River at any time

Yangtze Gold Cruise Suite

2. The public area of each ship contains many luxury features.

  • a luxurious four-story domed lobby inside the cruises
  • special VIP reception room, security and guard hall
  • kid’s garden and racing track
  • public areas, furnished with security monitoring system
  • open-air surfing swimming pool
  • high-speed web-surfing cafe

Kids' Garden on the Yangtze Gold Cruises

That’s the melody to our ears. Are you ready to go with Yangtze Gold Cruise to appreciate the beautiful Yangtze scenery in an elegant style?

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