Jingzhou & Chibi- Cultural Cities along Yangtze River

After visit the big cities along Yangtze River, like Shanghai, Wuhan, Chongqing and Yichang, now it’s time to meet 2 cultural cities: Jingzhou and Chibi, both in Hubei Province, located between Wuhan and Yichang. If you are fascinated with Chinese history and culture, especially the Three Kingdoms Period, Century Diamond Cruise can take you to visit them both. Please kindly check the cruise itineraries for later visit.jingzhou-ancient-city

Jingzhou City was the cradle of Chu Culture and the cultural center in Three Kingdoms Period (220-280). There are many cultural historical sites left to date back to the ancient, like the famous Jingzhou Ancient City Wall, built in Spring and Autumn Period and the jingzhou Museum, where kept most historical relics related to Chu Culture, including Chu jades, bamboo slips and even an intact 2100-year-old male body and some objects buried with him.

Recommended tour included Jingzhou:


Chibi City is known for the Red Cliff Ancient Battlefield, a famous battle in Chinese history happened in Three Kingdom Period. It was told there was a big fire fight between Sun Quan, Liu Bei and Cao Cao in 208 AD, making the south bank wall became red and the water was changing a sea of fire. In the end, Cao Cao was defeated badly. This battle has changed the situation of China into three kingdoms historically: Wei (Cao Cao) in the north, Shu (Liu Bei) in the southwest and Wu (Sun Quan) in the southeast.

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