Century Legend: 3-Day Yangtze Cruise Sailing Shanghai Yangzhou Shanghai 2014

From Dec.20, 2013, Century Legend began to sail Shanghai Yangzhou Shanghai for 3 days and 2 nights. Travelers could also seize the rare opportunity to celebrate the coming New Year and Chinese Spring Festival on Jan.3,10,17,24,30; Feb.1,3,14,21.

If you want to see the most TRADITIONAL China, this is the time. Go with your family, go with your friends, Go with your girlfriend or boyfriend, and you’ll get the memorable Yangtze River cruising experience from only $389!

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Your First Stop: Shanghai

Don’t miss the spectacular views over Shanghai’s illuminated night scene. It is worth a visit to see the florid night view of the Bund. Under the tenet of keeping harmony and unity. It fully exhibits the magnificence of the various buildings of different architectural styles and make up of the best night scene of Shanghai together with the colorful lights floating in the river and the flashing lights on the far side of the river.

Spring Festival in Shanghai

Your Second Stop: Yangzhou

Yangzhou is a great place with some highlights to explore. There are two most recommended Yangzhou optional tours, one is to Slender Western Lake, and the other is He Yuan Garden.

Yangzhou City Tour

Option One: Slender Western Lake (Approx. 4 Hours)

Slender Western Lake was named after a famous West Lake in Hangzhou. And because its long and narrow stretch is very like a slender, gentle girl, it has been naturally called Slender Western Lake. It is a well-known scenic water body that meanders through Yangzhou’s western limits, resembling a letter “L”. The sightseeing area covers about 100 hectares and includes: West Garden, Zhichun Garden, Ye Garden and 24-bridge scenic area. These scenic spots lie along the Slender Western Lake and also make the lake more charming.

At night, Slender Western Lake is the best place to enjoy the moon as the poem says “if the moonlight is composed of three parts, two of them lie in Yangzhou”. The sight of Slender Western Lake at night invokes a dream-like sensation in many.

Option Two: He Yuan Garden (Approx. 4 Hours)

He Garden: Originally named Jixiao Villa, He Garden was built by He Zhidiao, a 19th century Chinese envoy to France. The garden was built on the old site of the Garden of Double Pagoda Trees. And now there is still one pagoda tree left in He Garden. The garden is about 14,000 square meters with a big pond in the centre. Its water-centred pavilion has been featured in many films such as Dream of Red Mansions (1.5 hours).

Heyuan Garden in Yangzhou

Then stroll along Nanhexia Street near by the He Garden, which is also known for its zigzag paths and winding corridors, and the construction style shows the combination of the Chinese and Western architecture arts. While Nanhexia Street is designed following the traditional structure of Chinese classical gardens, two distinct features distinguishing it among the rest. In the western section a winding wooden pathway connects each building to one another. Within each house throughout the garden, a western-style fireplace can be found, along with a number of other aspects of western culture, signifying an integration of western influence in traditional Chinese architecture.

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